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air-baltic-riga-to-helsinki January 13

First Hours

This piece was originally published in April, 2013 as a part of World Nomads’ 2013 Travel Scholarship. There’s nothing like that moment when the cabin doors finally open. You draw a mouthful of fresh, unrecycled air for the first time in hours. You look at your watch, and you’re hours behind, or ahead maybe, you […]

January 11

CHINA FIND A WAY OUT: Stuck in the People’s Republic of China

I get off the plane in Guangzhou; my first stopover.  It’s thirty-five degrees Celsius and I drag my luggage across the tarmac through a thick muggy haze. I’ve just taken a nine hour flight from Perth and I haven’t slept. I’m a quarter, maybe a third of the way to Amsterdam. The airport signs are […]

Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany January 10

5 Reasons I Take Travel Photos

Many people tell me proudly every day, “I don’t need a camera to travel.  I have it all up here.”  This appears to be a really common attitude among “world travelers” and backpackers, but it seems really strange to me. Sure, nobody needs a camera to travel – in fact, I wasn’t even going to bring one […]

January 09

“WHY DOES ABDUL LIVE IN THE DESERT?”: Sleeping in the Sahara

 This piece was the winner of We Said Go Travel‘s Gratitude Travel Writing Contest. Anna puts her hand on my leg as I climb into the four-by-four. We’re in the small Moroccan town of Rissani, our final stop before Erg Chebbi – one of Morocco’s Saharan ergs. Mustafa, the driver, smiles and says, “Welcome Maroc” – a […]