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budapest-hungary March 04

My Favourite Hostels in Europe

While I usually prefer CouchSurfing, there were several times in Europe that we opted towards hostels.  A good hostel can really make a city for you, whether the staff are able to give you an insight into the local culture, or the people you meet give you an entirely different and unexpected experience there.  I’ve […]

north-western-australia February 25

Growing Up in The Most Remote City on Earth

Growing up in the outer suburbs of Perth, I was always very aware of my isolation.  The closest capital city was 2,000 kilometers away, and that wasn’t even half way across the country.  The suburbs were big and sweeping, and even going 30 km to Perth City itself was often an adventure.  We drove a […]

paris-france February 18

PARIS: The Romantic City?

I was sharing a bathroom with three other people, the four of us well into our third hour of throwing up something not quite legal we’d bought from somewhere near Montmartre when I began to ask, “What’s so romantic about Paris?” When you first arrive in the city, you’re greeted with some of the most […]

marienplatz-munich-germany February 11

How Not To Hitchhike In Germany

On the morning we left Munich, we got up quietly so as not to wake our hosts.  They’d left some lye pretzels and bread on the table for us, so we wrote a thank you note and left it with the key.  We jumped on the 6 line to Studentenstadt and walked ten or fifteen […]

olympos-turkey-car February 04

7 Things You’ll Lose While Traveling (and Their Solutions)

  It’s inevitable, there are some things you’re absolutely bound to lose while you’re abroad.  It can be frustrating for a number of reasons, but here are some simple solutions or strategies to avoid the situation! 1. Socks: This one really goes without saying.  I have a firm belief that all the world’s problems would […]


GRATITUDE TRAVEL WRITING CONTEST WINNERS 2013 Hi guys!  Just a quick post to let you know that I was recently awarded first place in We Said Go Travel’s “Gratitude Travel Writing Contest”!  This is an absolutely exciting time for me, as I will be undertaking an intensive travel writing course under the mentorship of Tiffany […]

January 21

POLAND’S LYING KNIGHT: Climbing Giewont in Tatra National Park

I woke up to the sound of my alarm at 4am.  I climbed out of bed and put on my shorts, shoes, and a singlet, trying not to wake Anna.  The sun wasn’t up yet, and I fumbled around for my water bottle.  I filled it with hot tea and set off.  I’d spent the […]